A finger in an eye

2022, site-specific performance and sound installation; Former Convent Le Clarisse of Caramanico Terme (PE)

Starting from a literary collage of archival materials: tales, idioms and legends of the place, a new legend has been rewritten about the birth of the convent. The performance was visible only from about 220 meters away (as the crow flies), through a large window of the former convent, which overlooks a boundless landscape. In the room from which the performance could be seen, a sound installation made it possible to hear the recorded voices of the performers who narrated the story. In a corner of that landscape, the two performers, who perceived themselves as two black dots, moved to the rhythm of the story. "A finger in an eye" is a work by Salvatore Crucitti and Gloria Zeppilli created during the artistic residence in the former Convent Le Clarisse in Caramanico Terme (PE), as part of RAMO 7.0 curated by Giuliana Benassi.