When dreams were public baths

2023, video installation, Palazzo Pio, Tresigallo (FE), Italy

With "When Dreams Were Public Baths" they conducted research that intertwined the cultural fabric of the town of Tresigallo with its distinctive urban elements. Deepening this investigation with an anthropological approach to art, the duo focused on reflecting on the act of living. After an in-depth study of the town, they started an active exchange with the residence for the elderly "La mia Casa". The project was born from a relational, intimate and secret research, aimed at collecting personal, delicate and fragile memories. The resulting work created a union between the dreamlike and biographical memory of the guests of the Casa Residenza and the architectural and spatial memory of the town of Tresigallo. In this way, the work established a dialogue between the urban rationalism of the Fascist era and the symbolism generated by the narratives of distant memories.